Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily Post Eleven: Princess Yue Lolita

I LOVE Avatar: the last airbender.
We are currently not speaking about the upcoming (tomorrow!) movie, however. We are talking about my little brain fart of an idea to make a cosplay of the three-episode character Princess Yue.
                (this is for reference/ to refresh your memory. Sokka's feet are irrelevant.)

So, without much introduction needed, this is my really rough concept art of her outfit, lolita version!
If you can't read my writing in the parts, which says "this is fur lol" and "fur" In the parts that are fur.
And Hair Portion:
The text says (from bottom to top) "not sure if I'll keep this or it may be a hime poof" then "huge amount of curls" then "braids"
It's quite a rough sketch and concept, but I think it would be really fun to cosplay for a winter/ fall con!
Thank you for reading, I hope the pictures are not eye-hurting. <3

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily Post Ten: Finished Steelers Cutsew!

Today, my friends and I had a small "sewing party," which was just an excuse for me to be not so lonely while getting some sewing done (they also needed to get some done too, they are attending Otakon this year) And I finished a reconstruction of an old steelers t-shirt!
                                           (lol, my dressform has such awkward boobs)
I gathered the sleeve with elastic and made a ruffle for the bottom :D
Unfortunately, I forgot to add seam allowances to my drafted pattern so it doesn't really fit. I'll probably have to gift it to a friend that has smaller measurements than I have. Nonetheless, I'm still really proud of it!
Thank you for reading <3

Monday, June 28, 2010

Daily Post Nine: Dream Dress~

Dream Dresses. 
Many loli's have one, some don't, which is fine. Mine is currently Angelic Pretty's lavender jewelry jelly dress:
I suppose this is where I should have some deep discussion as to why we lust after things, and yada yada yada. But I'm actually just going to ask you what your dream dress/skirt/jsk is.
Because I'm lazy
Because I'm still recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed.
Thank you for reading <3

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daily Post Eight: Loli Sickness, Cont.

(continued from the past two posts)
So, here are some tiny tips of little things that brighten your day while you're sick!
  • Make a nice cover for your tissue box!
  • If you need an ice pack, get a cute one! Like these!
  • Wear super fuzzy slippers!
  • Decorate old pictures with websites like puricute!
  • Watch warm and fuzzy movies like Cinderella and Peter Pan!
  • Look at pictures of adorable things on daily squee!
  • Read the least serious books you have in your personal library. 
  • And last, and probably least, but just relax and try to get better :D
Thank you for reading <3

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daily Post Seven: Loli When Sick

(continued from previous post)
So, here are some tips that I find really cheer me up when I'm feeling sick!
  • Wear your best pajamas~ I find that being comfortable is just as important as being fashionable, but it isn't good to sacrifice comfort when you're not feeling well. So, it helps when you can feel like your loli self while in pj's. My suggestions are to simply incorperate your favorite loli colors (weather it be Angelic Pretty sax and pink or Moitie blue and black) into your nighttime wardrobe! If you wear the colors that remind you of when you're at your happiest, then you'll feel like you're at you're at you're happiest!
  • The little things add up~ I'm sure many lifestyle lolis have heard it before, but it's the little things that count in creating a lifestyle. My personal (tried and tested suggestions) are surrounding yourself with warm and pleasant feeling fabrics. Lolita has a lot to do with the appeal of luxury, and pleasant feeling things definitely fit the bill. I find that fuzzy fabric is my favorite, especially for pj's and blankets.
So, again, I'm going to wrap this post  up quickly.
Thank you for reading~ <3

Friday, June 25, 2010

Daily Post Six: Loli-fying Sickness

It sounds rather ridiculous.
Many people in the lolita community complain about people taking the line of what is to be "loli-fied" a little too far, and I suppose many people would say that staying conscious of a lolita lifestyle while sick is too far. However, I disagree. I, for one, am incredibly grumpy while I'm sick. I tend to make myself a lot more upset just by thinking about how upset I am. But the thing that will guaranteed make me happier is lolita! So, because of my recovery schedule, I'm going to post some tips on loli-sickness tomorrow~
Thanks for reading <3

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daily Post Five: Four Teeth Less Wise

I'm certain that I will not be able to post today, I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out.
but I don't want to cheat on my challenge, so I'm posting this little disclaimer.
Thanks for reading, I'll see you tomorrow <3

Daily Post Four: Music, Part II

~This is continued from the post below (Daily Post Two)~

Rave & Electronic 
Rave music is probably the definition of upbeat. A lot of rave is also very "happy" sounding, especially the sub-genre called Happy Hardcore. I don't know too many specific artists, but I suggest browsing Newgrounds in the "rave" section to find good music. However, my favorite track at the moment is "Candy Dance" by @ndrea.
                          (Picture isn't mine)

Touhou Music 
(Suggested by PC of Insertsarcastictitlehere)
Touhou is a series cult-hit shooting games from japan. These games are so popular that they have a huge repitore of music, and many songs are remixed. This music is all from the same artist, but I can say that my recommended songs are "Bad Apple", "Chirno's Perfect Math Class" (remix here) and "Kero 9 Destiny" (remix here).
                                            (same as above)
Tommy Febuary6 
 This girl's name may ring a bell to many lolitas because this is the artist that sings the theme of "Kamikaze Girls". Other than the iconic tune, she also has many very cute songs, like "Lonely in Gorgeous" and "L.O.V.E.L.Y" I definitely recommend them!

                                  (again, I don't own the pictures)
As always, thank you for reading <3

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daily Post 3: "Intermission"- The Uniform Project

Well, I'm a terrible blogger. 
In light, it's really the 23rd (1:27), but I'll count this as the 22nd's entry. I'd like to say that I haven't had time to write, but I have. Anyway, I don't have time now to blog about music, so I will just drop a little link that most people interested in any fashion would like: The Uniform Project.
I think it really says something about the versatility of fashion, and also the complexity of simply getting dressed in the morning.
Thank you for reading, as always <3

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Post 2: Music, Part I

What music reminds you of lolita? 

Music that reminds me of lolita is music that makes me happy. Music with upbeat tunes, optimistic lyrics and adorable music videos is what generally fits that quota for me. Now, the more gothic-ly inclined may argue, preferring visual kei or other, darker music. To each his own! But I'm talking to the sweet lolitas, and the sweet at heart. Now, you ask, what music reminds me of lolita?

I love a lot of K-pop, but I'll briefly highlight two bands for you. I like these bands because the majority of their music is "happy". My two favorite bands are Super Junior and Girl's Generation (snsd). I recommend Haenbok Happiness, U, and Sorry Sorry by Super Junior and Oh! and Gee! by Girl's Generation the most.
                                                    (Images from Google, I don't own them)
-Nerd Music
I know the first reaction: What? Bur let's elaborate. There is a very large community on Youtube of singer/songwriters that write and perform songs with more nerdy subjects, from historical events to Anglerfish. The two artists that I love the most are Hank Green (of the vlogbrothers) and Molly Lewis. The songs that I reccomend are "I know" by Hank Green, and "My Hope" by Molly Lewis.
                                                          (see above picture for disclaimer)

Now, I have a lot of music to cover, so Part II will be up tomorrow!
Thank you for reading <3

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daily Post One: Summer!

Sorry about any confusion that was created with the later start date of my project, I didn't quite realize at the time how difficult it was going to be to blog from California with no regular computer. So, with much ado about nothing, let's begin!
                                           (photo taken by me)
It's needless to say that I'm ecstatic that I'm out of school. I'm going to be a freshman in the fall, and I'm really psyched to move on to high school. However, I've got the whole summer ahead of me, and there is a large enemy in the way: boredom. Talking to my friends, a lot of them are already bored out of their minds after the first week! It takes a lot to keep from boredom in the summer, but every year I try to start a solution. In years past, I have challenged myself to write a page of free-writing or journaling a day, and of course this year I have taken the huge blogging challenge. I find that a challenge really keeps the summer boredoms away :3 So, my challenge to you is to challenge yourself! Challenge yourself with anything and everything; from learning to break dance to saving up for that brand piece you've always wanted.
Thank you for reading <3