Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lolita Meetups: My experience and a crash-course

My first Meetup.
So, as you might know, I attended my first lolita meetup yesterday. Here is my general experience with it.
Manda's parents were nice enough to drive us down to the museum, and when we got there, the lady was just asking me why I was wearing a costume when I saw the people I was meeting walk down the stairs. Those three or four seconds that I took to process it was some of the best three seconds in my entire life. It was amazing! It was true, out there proof that lolita didn't just exist in my head, or on the internet. There are real people that like to dress up in frilly and poofy clothes just like me and Manda!
When everyone got together, we did introductions, (our name and lj username XD) and ages. I was the youngest one there, which seemed to be a shock to everyone, haha. Everyone was incredibly nice, much nicer and fun to be with than I thought. We were so silly, especially when we pretended to be dinosaurs (surprisingly often). Everyone looked very nice, and it was much, much more fun than I even expected!
We walked down to the "Star of India" restaurant and ate there after the museum closed. And then we both climbed back into the car and almost fell asleep on the ride home.

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare.
Make sure you're ready. Bring all of the necessary items: money, cell phone, camera, but I also suggest bringing a few extra things: extra batteries, and a sewing kit to fix outfit mishaps. If you're planning on going up steps or sitting on the ground, wear bloomers, or the modern alternative, boxers (yes, the kind that boys wear). Also, prepare for people to ask you questions. You might want to go as far as to practice what you're going to say in the mirror. Most of all, get ready for pictures! Put on makeup, fix your hair to your liking, and wear your favorite outfit!
2. Stay calm with strangers.
If you've ever been to a meetup, you know how curious other people can be upon seeing such a large group of such "different" people. If you don't, stay calm. People are naturally curious. People will stare. People WILL pretend to be looking for a cell phone signal and pretend to take pictures. My only advice is to explain yourself calmly and happily, and to ignore those how secretly take pictures. Don't worry! There will be people that will even know what you're wearing! One girl actually asked to take a picture with us! It made me feel really fuzzy inside.
3. Have fun!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daily Thought for Febuary 13, 2009: Olympics

Now, normally my policy is "I don't watch sports". But the Olympics are my exception. I absolutely LOVE the Olympics. I'm not sure what it is, however, and what I'm thinking about today is why.
Perhaps it is because I'm such an idealist, and the idea of all of the countries coming together in peace to play some games together is kind of wonderful. I feel like amongst a world of such horrible turmoil, the olympics give us an opportunity to reflect.
Maybe I feel an obligation as an American to cheer on my country, but I recently debunked this by cheering for a Swedish speed skater earlier this morning. (I'm a big fan of Apollo Ono, don't get me wrong)
Perhaps, though, it's because I really do like watching sports.
Ha, that's a good one.
But I'm pretty sure it's because the mascots are so cute.

What do you think about the Olympics? Click that "post comment" button and tell me :3

Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Thought for Febuary 9, 2010: Snow

As you probably know, we have two feet of it here. But that's not what I'm thinking about today. What I'm thinking about is the effect snow has on our community.
The first effect is the media. As far as I know, the only thing going on in the entire world right now is that there is a lot of snow. Nothing else happens. All of Canada could blow up (not that I have anything against Canada) and no one would know because they would be way too busy talking about the snow.
The second effect is on activities. Everyone seems to stop what they're doing. The top priority of everything is getting snow plowed, and rightly so. But after the snow is off of where it's supposed to be, everything stops. No appointments to go to, activities are canceled. Time itself seems to slow down. I think that perhaps snow is just a little message that lets us slow down for a little while, and appreciate the little things before we continue to rush forward.
And that is my thought today. What do you think about the snow? Just click that "post comment" button and tell me! :3