Monday, February 21, 2011

Something out of Nothing: Coordinating the Most Awful Jacket in the World

So I won't go into details about the origins of this jacket, but I aquired this awful aqua blue, squin covered jacket:

The best part, by far, is that it is made of stretchy, shiny dance costume type fabric.
So, what is the point? Well, the point is because I am a masochist and bored I decided to attempt to coordinate the most awful jacket I have ever owned.
I thought of two distinct ways of coordinating this: embracing it's crazyness and going along with it, or letting in stand alone by itself. I have three coordinates that follow a simple step process.
Coordinate 1: How to Dress like a member of SHINee 
 First, here is a picture of what sort of outfit I am referring to:

Step 1:  Brightly colored skinny jeans
Any color will do, and I happen to have pink ones on hand.
Step 2: Pastel Colored t-shirt
Next is to find a pastel colored shirt in the same basic color as your jeans. Mine, of course, is pink.
Step 3: Shoes and the jacket of doom
Finally, find yourself a pair of high tops in the corresponding color (I could not find mine at the time, so they aren't in the picture) And finally the jacket of doom.
The result should be something along the lines of a slightly colorblind toddler from the 90s.

Coordinate 2: Dressing like a "harajuku girl" 
For this one, I decided to imitate the look of spank! and Deco style. I'm not quite sure if I succeded, but it was a lot of fun.
Step 1: Basic Pastel Shirt, I used the same one I used for the last outfit.
Step 2: Skirts.
Yup, more than one, and possibly a petticoat. These should be in a color found acceptable to find in a 5 year old girl's room.
Mine are blue gingham and light purple, respectively.
Step 3: Socks; at least two pairs
and of course, we continue the general rule of only colors that barbies come in.
Step 4: Every accessory you own. Put them all on.
Self explanatory.
If the pile isn't at least this large, you're doing it wrong.
Step 4: Shoes & Jacket of Doom
similar to the last outfit, I chose my pink high-tops and then topped the whole thing off with the fated jacket.
I actually kind of really like this outfit. Despite the fact that it doesn't match much and isn't perfect, I think that it may fit the authentic "harajuku" style more.

Coordinate 3: How I'd Probably look if I were forced to wear this
Honestly, on most days, say if this was the only long sleeved thing that remained in my wardrobe, I would probably wear it something similar to this:
 Complete with miserable look. Why, do you ask, would I be so miserable and lazy while putting this into an outfit? Because no matter what you put around it it is still a dance costume, sequin covered monster of a jacket.
And this is how I decided to spend my Monday evening. 
Thank you for reading!