Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Things On the Way!

I just hosted a group order from Bodyline!
Bodyline is currently on "sale", meaning that they cut their recently hiked-up prices for said sale. I figured that it would be a good time to buy, and I realized that the other lolitas in my very local lolita group would probably also want to order, so I asked them to give me their orders and have them pay me back in order to save money on shipping. It's difficult to resist cheap items with cheap shipping, so I got three items for myself!
First, the most boring thing, is a white cardigan that will be super duper helpful in cordination:
(It's way in the back- but it's there!) I don't have too high expectations for this, and my greatest hope that it will provide enough warmth for the freak air conditioning at school.
Second, I ordered a pair of white shoes!
These appear to be tea party shoe replicas, which I don't quite mind. I ordered them true to my American size(7and1/2-8 or 250mm) , so right now I'm praying that they're going to be the right size!
 And lastly, the most exciting, is the "Faeries from Forest" Jumperskirt in sax blue!
I think this JSK is a perfect balance between elegant and sweet: with the "Love Nadia" style scenery and the cute scallop lapels making it very elegant, but the Angelic Pretty-esque floating objects towards the top and polka dots at the bottom making it still really sweet! My only concern is that the bow in the back is not detachable, and I'll have to remove it myself so I can wear jackets and such over it.
So, expect a review of all of these coming soon! (Hopefully Saturday, but Monday if shipping is slow)
Thank you for reading <3

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